Chataigne what ?


Chataigne is made with one goal in mind : create a common tool for artists, technicians and developers who wish to use technology and synchronize softwares for shows, interactive installations or prototyping. It aims to be as simple as possible for basic interactions, but can be easily extended to create complex interactions.

Okay, but what does it do exactly ?

While Chataigne won't do much by itself, its purpose is to be the central hub in a project involving multiple interfaces, softwares, devices and sensors. You can see it as a Conductor, which will control all the softwares with the big picture in mind. Chataigne as been designed to fit both linear shows and realtime/interactive project needs.

Seems cool, tell me more !

You can check the tutorials to better understand what and how you can use Chataigne for your projects.

I want it, and i want it now !!

Well, what are you waiting for ? For now, only beta versions are available. Pick your choice and enjoy !

Download the beta version, current version is : 1.1.3

Windows 64-bit Beta Mac OSX Beta Linux 64-bit Beta

Important notice : projects created with version older than 1.1.0 will not be compatible with newer versions of Chataigne !
You can try to convert your old files with the tool below

For those who want to test the latest features, this is the bleeding edge version, updated at each modifications. It's likely to be highly unstable !

Linux 64-bit Bleeding Edge

Having a problem with the latest version ? You can try and find an an older version here ! (All links may not be valid, especially for linux versions)

Linux users, you may need to install some packages in order to run Chataigne, here is the command-line for arch-linux :
yaourt -S libcurl-compat libcurl-gnutls bluez-libs

Where are my friends ?

They're all on the forum !

Go to the forum

Want to make new friends ? You can be part of this project and contribute in many ways ! If you're a programmer, you can improve the program and fix bugs, everything is available on the github repository. If you're not a programmer, you can still give some feedback and report / support on the forum. Finally, i would be more than grateful if you take some time to capture videos of your usage of Chataigne, maybe with some explanations that can go to the tutorials and help other users, and contribute to the Github Wiki page as well !

If you don't want to spend time but still want to help, you can always donate as much as you want, so i can continue working on this project in my free time !