LeGrandMechantLoop what ?


LGML (LeGrandMechantLoop, the big bad wolf loop) has been created in collaboration with beatboxer and Organic Orchestra's art director Ezra. While powerful DAWs like Ableton Live exist, we wanted to create a lightweight, modular, flexible solution for live performance and especially looping. LGML has been made with this goal in mind, allowing to create very simple systems and still being able to expand to more complex setups with loopers looping other loopers, nested node networks and spatialization controlled by external sensors and interfaces.


Seems cool, tell me more !

You can check the tutorials to better understand what and how you can use LGML for your projects.

I want it, and i want it now !!

Well, what are you waiting for ? Pick your favorite flavor and enjoy !

Check out the Changelog here

For those who want to test the latest features, this is the bleeding edge version, updated at each modifications. It's likely to be highly unstable !

Windows 64-bit Bleeding Edge Mac OSX Bleeding Edge Linux 64-bit Bleeding Edge Raspberry Pi Bleeding Edge

Having a problem with the latest version ? You can try and find an an older version here !