Blux what ?


Blux has been designed to fit modern, interactive and playful ways to control lights and stage props. It aims to make it easy and fast to create simple setups with few toys, while being able to expand to big and complex projects involving spatialization, live interaction, weird behaviours, scripting...


Seems cool, tell me more !

You can check the tutorials to better understand what and how you can use Blux for your projects.

I want it, and i want it now !!

Well, what are you waiting for ? Pick your favorite flavor and enjoy !

Also you will need to download and extract the object definitions, otherwise you won't be doing much...

Download Objects Definitions

Check out the Changelog here

Linux users : After downloading the .AppImage file, you just have to do a chmod a+x on this file and you are ready to go !

For those who want to test the latest features, this is the bleeding edge version, updated at each modifications. It's likely to be highly unstable !

Windows 64-bit Bleeding Edge Mac Intel Bleeding Edge Mac Silicon Bleeding Edge Linux 64-bit Bleeding Edge Raspberry Pi / armv8 Bleeding Edge

Having a problem with the latest version ? You can try and find an an older version here !

Ok, I've got the stuff. What the hell do I do now ?

You can start by reading the docs with the link below.

If you're more of a netflix'n'chill type, check out cool tutorials made by friends.
And if it inspires you, don't think twice and shoot one for the community, I'll put it there !

Where are my friends ?

Want to make new friends ? You can be part of this project and contribute in many ways ! If you're a programmer, you can improve the program and fix bugs, everything is available on the github repository. If you're not a programmer, you can still give some feedback and report / support on the forum. Finally, I would be more than grateful if you take some time to record videos of your projects with Chataigne, maybe with some explanations that can go to the tutorials and help other users, and contribute to the Github Wiki page as well !

If you don't want to spend time but still want to help, you can always donate as much as you want, so I can continue working on this project on my free time !

Click on this cuuuute face to make a one time donation :

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